7 Kitchen Gadgets Every Pro and Home Chef Needs

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Kitchen gadgets don’t necessarily have to be what you see on HSN, though I’m not averse to it. Gadgets simply make your experience in the kitchen easy. Once you find the perfect tools and appliances you’ll be able to work smarter and faster. My go-to gadgets will help you perfect your technique and provide endless possibilities in the kitchen. I will admit, you may become spoiled after trying these 7 kitchen gadgets.

Fish Spatula

Warning: You may never buy a basic spatula again in life! A fish spatula is a versatile kitchen tool that can handle a multitude of tasks. This spatula has earned its name from its ability to seamlessly turn over a delicate piece of fish with ease. Its angled blade-like edge (which is great for control) and thin metal slats have a slight curve which makes it easy to slide under food without puncturing it. This can make all of the difference when it comes to presentation. On the contrary, this spatula has enough strength to hold a stack of five pancakes without bending. It can also easily drain food while removing due to the openings between the metal slats. It’s very lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Microplane Grater

Although it may look like a long foot file (Lol) this gadget is a 3 in one tool that’s going to increase flavor and efficiency in your kitchen. Microplane graters serve as a citrus zester that extracts the outer layer of grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and lime. It grates hard cheeses into a fluffy pillow-like texture. They also allow you to quickly grade fresh garlic and ginger right over your food (just watch your fingertips!).

microplane grater grating parmesan cheese.

It also shaves chocolate into delicate shavings that’ll add great texture to the presentation of your deserts. Oh, and lets not forget it grates fresh nutmeg which will release the pungent flavor and give you the perfect size grains. Yup, a microplane grater is a must.

Garlic Press

Although some professional chefs despise this gadget, it can be a quick substitution for home cooks to mince garlic on the fly. The garlic press crushes garlic cloves with a simple squeeze. It quickly crushes the whole clove into a soft pulp, giving you the maximum flavor and aroma.


garlic press
Photo by Eva Elijas from Pexels

No more stinky garlic fingers! This is a great tool to use when making chili, salad dressings, and pasta.

Potato Ricer

The potato ricer is an efficient tool will give you a creamy potato minus the bicep workout. Similar to a garlic press, this gadget is the hidden secret to making the smooth mashed potatoes, and the perfect gnocchi. Here’s how it works: once you’ve cooked your potatoes (baked or boiled), add a scoop into the hopper, and squeeze the handles to pass the potatoes through the small holes. The potatoes become aerated once they pass through, resulting in a fluffy lump-free dish. 

Side note: It also effortlessly crushes fresh tomatoes for marinara sauce as well as avocados for guacamole.

Mandolin Slicer

When slicing vegetables it can be difficult to slice with precision. A mandolin slicer is the answer to those prayers! This gadget allows you to quickly cut your fruits and veggies with uniformity and speed. Some mandolins have settings ranging from paper thin, to ¼ thick slices and some have attachments for making waffle cuts, wavy cuts, or shreds. Mandolin slicers are also great for meal prepping.

Kitchen Scale

If you’re a professional or home chef, a kitchen scale is an absolute necessity to use accurate measurements. Sometimes, measuring cups and spoons can be off by a smidget, leaving you disappointed about your recipe. For example, when measuring flour, if you pack your flour in the measuring cup, it may cause your baked goods to be too dense. It measures units in grams, ounces, and pounds down to the T and can convert measurements as well. If you’re cutting a recipe in half, it makes that process seamless. Plus, it cuts down on cleaning time because you’ll have less measuring cups to wash ;). This is also great for meal prepping and portion control. If you’re ready to take your culinary skills to the next level, this is worth the investment.

kitchen scale sitting on a kitchen counter
Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

If you’re aiming for perfection, a kitchen scale is where it’s at!

Citrus Squeezer

Nothing is worse than accidentally dropping lemon seeds into your cream sauce, and desperately trying to scoop them out before they become immersed in bubbling cream. Same goes for lime seeds in guacamole. It’s easy to use, will filter all of the seeds, while extracting tons of juice with a simple squeeze. This handy gadget is useful for the kitchen and the bar. Citrus squeezers are great to use for making salad dressings, cocktails, or adding citrus to your fish before serving. 

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